Hi, would
you like some
color ?

I love to color up your day.
Let´s turn the world into a
bright and happy place together.

Nice to meet you.

I am Suse, an illustrator and interdisciplinary art director, based in Cologne, Germany and I am in love with colors and shapes. My first color experiment started, when I spilled neon pink color on the brand new kitchen floor of my parents house, so I guess I set the trend of colored joints there. After that I decided to study design at an art academy and since then I am coloring my way up in the creative field working as an illustrator and art director.




What´s your favorite color? I love them all. 
As much as working for different brands or collaborate with individual labels. I had the opportunity to work with WDR| Funk, Studio Jakob&Tatze, nicenicenice, kokodolores pattern, Fimm, Limmaland, Flow and RTL among others.

I would love to work with you as well.